The City currently has decentralized purchasing. This means that the departments are responsible for obtaining quotes for services, preparing formal bids, getting the proper authorization from the City Manager or Council to enter a contract and managing their own contracts.

The Purchasing function within the Finance Department is responsible for verifying that the insurance and business license requirements within the contract have been satisfied, issuing the purchase order, and ordering goods and supplies.

Due to budget cuts, the City is not able to maintain vendor lists at this time. If you would like to be considered for bid notifications, there are several methods to stay informed:
  • submit your email address or phone number to the “notify me” page on this website
  • visit the City website “link” for bids that have been posted
  • mail contact information directly to the department that would like benefit from your services
The vendor guide was written at the time the City had a Centralized Purchasing Division. Much of the information is still applicable and useful. Vendor Guide